Is your commercial
property sitting vacant?

It’s time to put it to good use. Faithful helps landlords to reduce costs associated with vacant buildings by offering spaces to local faith communities. Get started by listing your property with us.

Property for Good

Faithful promotes Corporate Social Responsibility through the ethos of using Property for Good by supporting local faith communities. Property owners can register with Faithful to unlock their property’s potential as a space for local worship and prayer, while also benefiting from reduced costs. As office leases expire, this approach provides a cost-effective solution for landlords facing increased vacancies or reduced rents.

Corporate Social

Property owners can benefit from financial reductions and contribute positively to their local communities by keeping habitable buildings open and in use, which reduces dilapidation and encourages business in the area. This approach aligns with Corporate Social Responsibility and is appealing to property owners and councils alike.

How your vacant space is used

We work closely with Landlords and Faith Communities to ensure that every registered property is well cared for by users, maintained to a good standard and returned to owners in the same condition it was loaned. 



Care and Social Action

Whether prayer is formal, informal, silent, chanted, sung, in groups, individually, read from books or created from the heart – prayer is a central activity within all faiths.

Vacant office or retail spaces are ideal places for individuals or small groups to pray.

Faith communities worship in many different ways and may include activities such as music, singing, chanting, reading from holy books, religious yoga, meditation, dancing and chanting.

It may also include religious rites such as the Eucharist,  lighting (electric) candles or presenting flowers.

All faiths consider acts of care and social action as part of their worship which is central to their religion. Faith-led social action provides vital support to the poorest and most vulnerable in our communities.

Retail and warehouse spaces are ideal for sorting donations or as workspaces for volunteers.

How it Works

Registering your property with Faithful is simple. Complete our online registration making
sure to include all the facilities available to users and wait to be contacted by one of our team.

Register A Property

Use our online registration form to tell us about your unused property.

We Contact You

One of our team will be in touch to discuss suitability of your property and fees.


Congratulations! You are now saving money and supporting your community with Faithful.

Your Property is Listed

Your property is now available on our website, ready for faith communities to use.

The Benefits

Registering your vacant property with Faithful offers a number of benefits to commercial landlords. We have listed a few of them below.

Avoid dilapidation

By keeping properties in use, you avoid issues caused by long term neglect

Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating a genuine opportunity to give back to your local community

Community Development

You will contribute to the social good projects, led by faith groups in your area.

Save money

Reduce the cost of maintaining an empty property

Share good news!

You get to share this great news with clients, affiliates, competitors and the media.

Buildings With Benefits

By keeping your buildings open and in use for local faith communities, you are ‘doing good’ locally, saving money and taking Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. Everybody wins!