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Turning empty spaces
into worship places

Turning empty spaces into worship places

Faithful helps religious organisations with a cost-effective solution to find places of worship. We work with commercial property specialists to find vacant properties, and we utilise them to deliver space for worship across the UK. We are a national start-up with a mission to offer any free space available for religious worship. Currently, there are no registration fees or any other types of fees

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Discover the perfect space for your worship or prayer needs by exploring our database of available properties, tailored to your location and requirements.

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Submit a request to secure the chosen property for your religious services or prayer gatherings, and our team will swiftly assist you in coordinating the details and ensuring a seamless booking experience.

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Once your booking is confirmed, gain access to the selected property and embrace the freedom of worship without the burden of fees, allowing your congregation to find solace and unity in a welcoming space.
Hear what they say.
Landlords: Stop Paying Empty Property Rates
Register your property with us and unlock its potential as a space for religious groups to gather, worship, and hold services.
All the while experiencing exemption from empty property taxes. Get in touch to find out more.