Discover Free Spaces
For Worship & Prayer

Discover Free
Spaces For Worship
& Prayer

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*Spaces can be booked for 1-hour to a whole day, Sunday to Friday. Some spaces are only available weekdays during office hours.

Faith Communities

Faithful offers faith groups and individuals, access to venues across the UK for faith-based activities. 


Register your property and provide faith groups with prayer spaces, whilst reducing property costs.

Turning any space into a worship place

Turning empty spaces
into worship places

Unused buildings can often be a liability for landlords, leading to financial strain and increased risk of dilapidation. Meanwhile, local faith groups may not have the resources to own or rent their own venues, limiting their ability to carry out religious activities.

Enter Faithful, an innovative solution that benefits everyone from individuals, groups, and communities to landlords, councils, and business owners. By partnering with commercial property specialists, we identify vacant properties and utilise them to provide worship and prayer spaces throughout the UK.
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Our Goal

is to create a hybrid service that supports both property owners and community faith groups, working together to reduce the number of unused buildings in towns and cities across the UK. Join us in our mission to make a positive impact in our communities.

Free Venues

We have a wide range of venues for use across the UK comprising of offices, retail units and warehouses available for religious purposes.

Check through our listings to find one near you.

Individuals & Groups

We accept bookings from individuals or faith-groups who need space for religious activities.

Whether you are travelling and need a place to pray or have a regular group, we are here for you.


Faithful aims to provide faith-groups with flexible venues to practice your religious activities. This is why there are no contacts or feed.

You can book as a one-off or for regular meetings as needed.

Free Support

Hear at Faithful, we aim to provide the most suitable FREE worship and prayer spaces.

If you have a query or need support, you can contact us any time for a consultation.

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Partner with Faithful

with Faithful

Are you a landlord with a vacant property? Not sure what to do with your commercial space? Partnering with Faithful is the ideal solution that saves you money and helps you to give back to your local community. By registering your property with us, you can provide religious groups with a space to gather, worship, and hold services, whilst reducing your ongoing property costs.

Contact us today to explore the opportunities of partnership.